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Of all of the trainings that AdvancingWithUs offers, FAST TRACK will have the most impact on helping you ADVANCE towards reaching your goals. This month's Fast Track is

"Fast Track educates and motivates you to be on the right track! We were given you the tools we needed to succeed! The presentations were very informative and equipped us to build our business right from proven leaders who knew their stuff! We were inspired to aspire!"
Dr. Stanley W. Gravely Ph.D.

"Fast Track has been an essential tool in building my business. You have the chance to learn from the best in the business. What they know works from experience, what mistakes not to make because they have already done it and most importantly, how to conduct yourself. All you have to do after the training, each week, is apply what you learned to yourself and your business. If you do that, your business will grow, you will grow as a better person and the more people we can reach out to and help."
Chris Boring

"Fast Track is amazing thanks to Alan and Sondra Pariser. You will get to learn from the business leaders who know how to grow their business. Each week is a different person. They are willing to share all of their secrets and their approaches. You will find that some of their stories really resonate within you. Our company is there to change peoples lives. I highly recommend everyone join Fast Track. So grateful for our leaders"
Kay Miyano

"It's an honor to be able to participate @ AWU Fast Track The weekly team call and sharing by experienced & successful leaders keeps me and my team stay focused & engaged on our business. Without a doubt, what gets focused -gets done. Always get involved with Fast Track - it makes a difference."
Capt Chandra Mohan

"With Fast Track I found two extra reasons to perform: it boosted my individual competitiveness and also my team spirit, which showed in my results. Within my team I found myself driven to personally perform better (I am competitive). In addition, the added support and team spirit gave me extra motivation to win as a team player. Fast Track doubled my incentives to reach goals important to me AND to my team! Leadership skills that were untapped before now came out as teammates freely reached out to help one another. It was great! Sign me up again!"
R. Nitzschke

"Alan,I found watching the Fast Track Training is an excellent source to hear from those who have been so successful and how each achieved their goals. Great way to hear ideas on achieving my goals. Thank you for giving myself and others the access to live training."
Dixie Gilby

"Encouraging, caring and fun community that will assist you in learning skills to help build your business and provide healthy competition and accountability!"
Gayle Abbott

"After being a part of the home based business industry for over 20 years and not truly earning the income for the hard work I was putting in. I gave up on my dream of true residual income but through this company I found the best kept secret where anyone could build a business to last a life time and found my dream..."
Chas Carter

"First of all, the trainers on Fast Track 123 were the best of the best! Truly outstanding! It's no small wonder why they are so successful. They helped me to understand better the importance of each aspect of my business -- the overview, finding people to add to my contact list, booking appointments, the 90-day plan, developing leadership,strategy of placement, my paperwork -- all critical items! I'm overwhelmed and need to step back, study my notes, listen, watch replays over and over again. Then, on top of my day job, just go out and do it! It's a mountain I know I can climb and, along with God's help, I'll make it to the top!"
Keani Taylor

"AWU Fasttrack is a lifeline! It's so great to connect with other positive, growth-minded individuals. I look forward to the camaraderie each week as well as the world-class training that keeps me focused on the right activities to reach my goals and coach my team to do the same. Thank you!"
Elaine Stewart

"Fast track trainings both educate me & keep me motivated! I learn something from every training that I try to implement within the next month. Keep up the good work Alan!"
Marianne Guinee

"I can hardly wait for the next Fast Track. The trainings that are provided are amazing and believe it or not, still impact me long after they are over and long done. Alan and others providing the training during these weeks are top notch and I have made friends and accountability partners as a result of being surrounded by like minded people. Can't recommend highly enough and promise you will love every minute of this time well spent!"
Laura Windsor

"My Husband and I just completed Fast Track and WOW! We received incredible training and advanced our business in just 5 weeks! Excited to participate again soon!Thanks so much, Alan"
Morgan Mills

"Wow! Another phenomenal Fast Track! We are so privileged to have leaders who give of their time to share life experiences that inspire and teach practical skills that help us achieve our goals. The format is great, too, in that it provides us with knowledge and motivates us to take action right away. Competitive and fun!!"
Denise Petrovic

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